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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Since my last blog we have been super busy: Pete has started two different jobs, I have had to chase the first employer for money as he was very dodgy, Oscar’s bloods crashed and he was an emotional roller coaster that we all had no choice but to ride, Auden started to get very angry that his brother was so violent one minute and then so much fun the next, we’ve all had a virus, my mum moved in until her new unit was ready, my mum moved out, Pete had a middle ear infection, then a severe tooth ache, he had his tooth removed (as an alternative to the root canal the dentist was keen on) and he injured his eye at work. His ear ache eased, his tooth healed and his eye is still giving him trouble – he has a scratch on the cornea. Oscar spent Saturday morning in emergency with a foot injury that thankfully turned out to be soft tissue damage. Oscar came home proud of his bandage and Peter popped his eye patch on, Auden had a head cold and mummy was in need of a good lie down. What mummy isn’t?

In amongst all that chaos we have been getting on with the usual regular activities as best we can with the highlight being Auden and Oscar's swimming lessons at Knox Grammar. I can highly recommend them to everyone and very reasonably priced. They have given our boys a private class for the price of a group one and been absolutely fantastic.

So, all in all, like everyone else, we have been super busy but doing very well.

It is what it is.

I am that I am.

Take care and happy fathers day to all you great dad’s out there.