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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hospital adventures today...

Oscar has had an adventure filled day today. He had his usual blood test at Oncology clinic - except they took it by needle through the arm as last time (and many other times) his blood clotted and they had to re-do the test so they wanted to make sure he didn't have to go through that again.

Then, 9.30am renal ultrasound - he thought the warm gel they used on the ultrasound machine was lots of fun and as no one was giving him a needle he liked it there.

Then, 10.30am we headed to nuclear medicine for a DMSA. He had to have a needle in his hand that injected some dye into it. Not so keen on that but then we headed back to Dr M at the clinic and all was well with the world. Bloods good :-).

Then we had some free time to go up to the Variety Ward and visit a friend of Auden's and Oscar's from Preschool who was in hospital having chemo treatment. It was lovely to catch up (even though, of course, we wish terribly that he and all the other children did not have to be in there). He's such a brave and beautiful boy and it was a privilege to share some time with him and his amazing mum.

Then we went back to Oncology clinic so Oscar could have his three immunisation injections. Again, Oscar unimpressed but recovered quickly when the nurse opened the toy cupboard and offered Oscar one to take home. All pain magically forgotten.

Then we went to the pirate park and played and distracted ourselves until it was finally time to head back to nuclear medicine for the kidney scan. Oscar was completely strapped in for 45 minutes with the scan machine moving slowly around him.
He did good, as always but passed out about 10 minutes after we got in the car so it was a big day.

Meanwhile, Auden had his first sleep over last night and then spent the day with his best friend. He was so excited about it he almost popped and it was such a monumental help for me to just have Oscar to concentrate on.

As always, we were deeply grateful and impressed by all the staff who helped us at the hospital and especially to my friend Mel for taking such good care of Auden. He had a blast and I feel very lucky to know that he was safe, well cared for and having fun in such a loving home.

The ultrasound and DMSA are both for his urinary reflux and not related to Leukemia specifically. They are checking if his kidneys are damaged. When he had the ultrasound one kidney was smaller than the other (this was the same side that had the more severe reflux) and he is not emptying his bladder properly. What that means and the scan results will be given to us when we see our urologist next. I'll make an appointment with him tomorrow but I'm sure all will be well.

Now, me thinks it must be wine o'clock. So good to have all these tests behind us for now.

Thanks for checking in on us and take care beautiful people. x

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Magic new memories - we thank you

I am incapable of putting together the words that come close to saying thank you to all those involved in providing me and my family with a magical holiday. We needed it. Deeply. And we appreciated it. Greatly.

It's been so long we forgot just how essential holidays are. If you can, when you can, however you can - get away. That's my number one tip for anyone recovering from stress in their life. Make new memories.

Here is a tiny glimpse at some of the new memories we made. The smiles on the boys faces say so much more than any words that I can find to come close to expressing my gratitude to all those who made this holiday possible. Much love, Cindy. x