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Monday, March 25, 2013

A short and sweet update

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who sent me encouragement and support over the last month or so - I have really needed it and I have been so lucky to be surrounded by your kindness. THANK YOU.

Secondly, Oscar's blood results were good on Friday. We are very blessed.

I have been busy like all mums and have been trying to look after a few of my own health issues and needs that have been neglected over the last several years so I've dropped out a bit. Lots of time spent at Dr's, specialists and some challenging adjustments but its good to be crossing these things slowly off my overdue 'to do' list.

So I'm keeping it short and sweet.

Thanks for all the love, Oscar's bloods are good, he still has kidney pain that I am following up on but hopefully this will sort itself out soon. With the help of the exceptional staff at St Stephens Preschool Oscar is settling in a bit better and with the help of a wonderful psychologist I am starting to understand his post traumatic stress and find some strategies to help him. I am finding more and more ways to walk around inside his complicated little shoes and I hope that he is starting to feel a bit more understood. Pete is working lots and doing well. Auden is IN LOVE with school and soccer and is sharing more and more of his wonderful self with us as he learns to read and write. Magic stuff, this kindergarten journey.

Thanks for checking in on us, as always, and thanks for all the love along the way. I hope you and all your families have some special time together over Easter.
Much love, Cindy x