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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oncology Clinic Visit 5th Oct 2011

Thanks to everyone checking in on us and sorry I haven't been updating the blog. When Oscar gets sick things get very crazy around here and with a whole lot of other stuff going on its just been heads down and get through it.

Oscar was in hospital Friday 23rd September with a temperature. His white cells went from 3.6 to 12.6 in 48 hours and all his other bloods followed. Fortunately, the Dr on call at Emergency sent us home just before midnight after checking there was no sign of infection in his urine and ears, nose, throat etc. We were glad to be home but his temperature continued relentlessly for another 48 hours. Panadol did nothing and he's not allowed to have nurofen so it was baths and washclothes and no sleep but he fought it off himself and was back on track three days later.

This week we were keen to see if his bloods had recovered and they are certainly heading back down in the right direction:

Hb: 122
WCC: 5.4
Neut: 3.9
Plts: 272

Still, the target for white cells is between 2 and 3. No change to chemo and we'll see how he is on the 19th.

Auden loves being part of the journey and always gets excited when I say we are off to see Donna and Dr Margaret. This morning he promptly sat down and drew them both a picture as a present, which they loved.

We are so exceptionally lucky to have such a caring community to share the journey with. In particular, Donna and Margaret have become like family to the boys and we are very grateful that they have been present from the very start of Oscar's journey and continue to be such a giving and welcoming presence in our life.

I'll let you know how we go on the 19th.

I hope you and all your families are doing well. Take care of yourselves and each other.