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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Clinic Visit & Christmas Joy

Oscar's bloods are stable. Now, that's a sentence I have never written on this blog before! So we are lucky to have things running smoothly for him this Christmas - and what a difference 12 months can make. This time last year he looked just terrible and was in a pretty bad way, plus we were heading into hospital every other day for chemo injections including Boxing Day. Today, when we had a heavy rain shower he was running around outside, naked and as joyful and full of energy as any three year old can be. Such pure spontaneous joy!

Our clinic visit on Thursday went well. I had baked some ginger bread cookies in the shape of stars and angels and my friend Mel kindly helped me ice them. I took them in for all the staff who have done so much for us and we also gave Dr Margaret and Donna a special christmas cake each. Such small offerings for such amazing and caring people who give Auden and Oscar so much love in amongst the chaos and the care - how can anyone adequately say thank you. It was such a wonderful thing to be able to say thank you, however small, and very emotional as well.

If any time of the year is special for children its Christmas and it was so hard walking past the Camperdown Ward, thinking of the children and their families and knowing something of how they may be feeling. Last year I remember helping put up the Christmas decorations with the nurses on the ward and it felt strange walking past them this year.

So we were glad to have our visit over, to have given back in some small way to the people who spend their every day giving so much of themselves to the care of sick children and to know that we are so blessed to be spending Christmas at home with our boys and with Oscar doing so well.

I have never been this excited about Christmas, except maybe as a little kid. I just can't wait. I love every minute of it. I took Auden to the shops this morning and there was a queue a mile long for Bakers Delight and just rushing chaos and queues everywhere and all I could think was - I love the energy, enthusiasm and pure indulgence that everyone throws at Christmas. I just love, love, love it after having spent a lot of time around the hospital where there is inevitably so much stagnation.

I felt so joyful I could burst and then when I got home the heavens opened up and Oscar did his rain dance and eventually convinced Auden to join him. Life doesn't get any better than this and tomorrow most of Pete's family and my family are coming to our house for a wonderful celebration. I don't know how we are so blessed but I am just bursting to share it with everyone.

Take care beautiful people, thanks for checking in on us and may you have a safe, happy and peaceful day tomorrow with the people you love.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oscar and Auden Photo Published

In the latest edition of 'The Chemo Chronicle', Auden and Oscar appear in photo's of the Oncology Clinic play room. The photos were taken several months ago and I had forgotten all about them so it was with great excitement that I stumbled across them as I was reading the latest edition.

If you have a copy take a look for yourself on page 16 - under the title, 'What's been happening in the Clinic', the top left hand photo is of both Auden and Oscar and then in the middle of the bottom row is a photo just of Oscar. I scanned the page and tried to attach it here but I can only put jpeg images here, not PDF files - so, alas, I can't share their moment of fame with you.

There were a lot of great articles and some friendly faces throughout this edition and it was great to catch up on how some of our fellow families are doing. I particularly want to shout out to Katherine Machon, who appears on page 15 for the great work she is doing in giving back to the Oncology staff through the Oncology Parent Advisory Council. It was so great to see pictures of you and Aiden (he looks so great with all that hair!!). It made my heart sing to know you are going well. I carried around a ginger bread man for some months hoping to run into you as I know that Aiden always loved them. It was a real privilege to share the journey with you and I really hope we run into each other some time soon. Oscar would also love to see Aiden.

Meanwhile, we are getting into the joy of Christmas and revelling in all of it - even the shopping. Last year Oscar was at the hardest phase of his treatment and we had to head in on boxing day to the Camperdown Ward for chemo injections and so forth - so it is a sublime treat to be in a better place this year and all I can say to all those shoppers getting stressed out is - enjoy every minute of delicious time contemplating the magic of giving to the ones you love and spending time with them over the holiday season.

Take care beautiful people. x

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Clinic Visit - 8th Dec 2011

We had a quick and easy visit to the hospital today - in and out within 2.5 hours and, wait for it, Oscar's bloods were almost within the target range for maintenance. Although this is only the second time in the 9 months that he has been on maintenance that he has come close to being in the target range Dr Margaret said its probably not something to worry about too much as it may be he has been fighting an infection most of that time. So, all in all, a great visit.

We have increased his antibiotics back to twice daily, every day, to manage his urinary reflux until I see the specialist in January and we find out what action plan is needed to address the fact that he still has this issue.

Auden had a lovely day at Pre school and had the added bonus of being picked up by one of his closest friends mum's and going back for a play date while Oscar slept and recovered from his big day. We are very blessed and grateful.

Thanks for checking in on us and take care of yourselves and your families at this special time of year. We are back in Clinic 22nd December (and no doubt it will be very busy) so I'll let you know how it goes.