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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urine Infection Confirmed

Ok, the hospital rang to say that Oscar has a urine infection. It is the type of infection that usually stays in the gut but can transfer to the urine. I don't know if this means it is related to his urinary reflux or whether it is due to the bout of gastro that we have all had. They are allowing us to treat him at home with oral antibiotics for a week and then we will go back to Clinic next Thursday to see Dr Margaret and review his bloods and treatment. Pete is heading in to the hospital pharmacy after work so we can get the antibiotics into Oscar tonight. Its a great thing that Dr Margaret is so thorough, that we have identified the source of infection before the temperature and resulting trip to emergency and now we have a reason for why the bloods are so high. All in all, all is well. Thanks for checking in on us again and I will update you on the status of Oscar's bloods next week. Love to you and all your families. :)

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