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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Germs, glorious germs

No doubt I owe you all an apology for my inability to blog lately - we have all taken turns in being sick, when we haven't all been sick at the same time, and our energies have been focused on the simple things - getting food in, keeping it down, breathing through our clogged up mucky noses and trying to fit some sleep in whenever we can.

Oscar's bloods have remained consistently high but that is no surprise given said illnesses. This week he also had a flu injection and even Dr Margaret was away sick. Sydney is full of germs it seems lately and we are definately not alone in our germ frenzy and we are lucky to be in a position where germs are simply something we experience like everyone else as apposed to them being a threat to Oscar's life. So, in some strange way it feels good just to be exhausted and sick from something that we know will run its course (despite all the endless whinging). One thing is for sure if you can whinge about it it really can't be that bad! (Although this does not take away from the fact that the whinging is getting to be very annoying). The lack of sleep is a walk in the park compared to the daylight hours with toddlers who are discontent with everything and generally iritable. And even more annoying, they are still adorable and treasured even when they are out of sorts and driving you crazy!

Nothing much else to report. The hospital car park is being renovated which is a total drag and adds another dimension to our visits that we could live without but we are glad we only go fortnightly. We have been surrounded by such wonderful friends with gifts of incredible generosity and thoughtfulness and Auden has been unconditionally embraced by his Pre School friends and all the mums who help us out. He went home with his best friend and had a wonderful play date whilst Oscar and I were at hospital doing what we do.

We did have a call suggesting that Oscar go ahead for his circumcision last week but he was too sick to go under anaesthetic so he is back on the wait list for now. Waiting is something we are very good at, so definately no rush there.

In amongst all this blur my thyroid was very low and I am waiting for the medication to kick in so that I don't have to do that thing in my head all day where I tell myself to push through the tiredness and fog and keep pushing. Soon I have no doubt a blissful calm will descend upon me and I will become the confident, powerful mummy who knows what's going on around her (although I am not sure my thyroid medication is quite that good)....but you get the gist.

All is well. Thanks for checking in on us and a special thank you to everyone for your compassion and friendship these last few weeks. In amongst all this chaos I have been very spoilt and feel overwhelmed with your generosity. x

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