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Friday, September 7, 2012

Grateful - all is well

There has been a lot going on and not much time for blogging around here lately. So I thought I'd just drop in and let you know we are all still here doing as well as we can. I have been working every minute that I'm not with the boys, at night when they sleep and on the weekends, trying to catch up on our bills and just slowly get ourselves back on track generally. All is well.

This is Auden and Oscar fishing with Benji (a pet dog Auden was given to mind for a week from preschool) down at Lane Cove National Park - we had a barbeque with Pa for fathers day.

Oscar's first check up went well we presume (its all new so we are not really sure what to expect from his bloods but the Dr's seemed happy). He is booked in for surgery in a couple of weeks time to finally see if we can remedy his urinary reflux and we'll be glad to get that over with.
We are really grateful that he is doing so well and send our love out to all those families doing it tough in hospital. Thanks for checking in on us beautiful people. Much love, Cindy x

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