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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Forward Motion

It's been a long time between blog posts which is a great thing because it means Oscar has been busy living life and not spending so much time with Dr's and nurses (even though we love them, of course).

Today, though, was important.

Today we went to see Oscar's urologist to get his kidney test results.

Oscar was born with kidney reflux (although it took six months and a whole lot of advocating from me to find this out) and his right kidney does not work. This was a huge concern for his Oncology team and caused us all a fair amount of worry over the course of his treatment.

Today Oscar's kidney results were pretty much the same as they were 18 months ago, which means his kidneys have not deteriorated despite all the chemotherapy he has had. So this is good news - so far, so good.

Oscar's Urologist suggested that he needs to have the big kidney scan again early next year and if that is clear we may not need to test his kidney's again!

Imagine! This is awesome!

We continue in forward motion.

In four days time, on the 22nd of June, it will be the five year anniversary of Oscar's Leukaemia diagnosis OR it will be the three year anniversary of Oscar being 'off treatment' OR it will mark the fact that Oscar has only two more years before they consider him 'cured'.

All of those milestones are as random and arbitrary as the diagnosis was and the only meaning they have is the meaning we choose to give to them.

We choose to give them meaning by living well and loving one another.

Take care beautiful people and thanks for checking in on us. Make some good choices for yourself and your family whenever you can and when you can't, be kind to yourself and wait for your next opportunity. Every day is a new day. Love Cindy x

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