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Monday, January 17, 2011

Minimum 7 days in hospital

We have just been told that we will be in hospital a minimum of another 7 days to treat the central line infection with antibiotics. They need to get it right as the line goes to his heart. So this is what we have to do.

His bloods are all good to go ahead with treatment except his neutrophils, which have been depleted from fighting the infection. They have booked him to go ahead Monday provided the neutrophils have recovered. We will still be in hospital so it means treatment will be in the ward rather than clinic, which is very disappointing as the clinic always do the lumber puncture by age. In the ward you might wait, and have to starve Oscar, until 5pm.

It is what it is and we will manage. The main thing is that Oscar is in good hands. Please keep us in your thoughts. Take care. x

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