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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oscar needs your help please

Oscar's lumber puncture and treatment did not go ahead today as his blood results showed he has very little white cells, no neutrophils, low platelets etc. I was fully expecting this to happen as he has seemed very miserable the last week and they did make it clear to us that this would be a challenging time for him. He has also developed some eczema which results but we are focused on keeping him strong and healthy through the next week.

Next Monday we are rescheduled for the lumber puncture and intensive chemo. This will begin the final and most hard core two weeks of his entire treatment. They say he will lose his hair again and have some mouth ulcers and other side effects but we think he is so strong he will prove them all wrong.

He will need your help though. So please if you are reading this could you remember to send Oscar some love, light and healing thoughts every day over the next three weeks as he undergoes this final onslaught of heavy treatment. Ask the angels, archangels, fairies, universal wisdom, God, Goddess, Mother Nature - whoever you like, whatever you feel comfortable with. Please be specific and ask the following:

"Please give Oscar healing love and light and protect him from any possible side effects from his treatment, especially mouth ulcers. Please allow him to stay home with his loving family."

Or something similar.

Or just think loving thoughts frequently that are directed at Oscar if you prefer.

Scientific studies show that the energy of thoughts/prayers/love/light can heal and it is more powerful the more people who do it.

Oscar is open to receiver your love and says thank you and blesses each and every one of you for your help.


  1. We will think our strongest thoughts of healing for Oscar and send you hugs for this last phase. Come on Oscar! Show those docs what a tough nut you are. xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks heaps Rach, especially when you have been having your own back issues. I will send love and light to you, your back and your family as well. x

  3. We have our Oscar Candle that we light each we will say a little prayer over it together each morning as well...TC, thanks for message...will speak soon. L xx

  4. Mandy & I are both thinking about you Oscar, so be strong and brush this demon aside.
    All our thoughts and love.
    Weiry & Mandy