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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clinic Visit Friday 25th Feb 2011

Last Friday we visited clinic and Oscar's blood results showed that he is still neutropenic so he has not started maintenance chemo yet. Nothing to worry about, he is just fighting off a virus and it gives us another weeks reprieve on having to wake him at night to give him chemo. Once we start the chemo there will be an adjustment period, as with all new phases of treatment, and we may be required to go to clinic a little more frequently.

Even though we have been on hold now for almost a month it has been a very busy time. Auden has changed from preschool to a long daycare preschool so that we have more flexibility with hours, Pete has changed job site and is working longer hours 6 days a week, Oscar is busy recovering and we are trying to get him back on track with more 'normal' life and I am trying to get some basic things done for myself which haven't been done for years.

So this week I finally found a Dr nearby that I like (thanks Lisa and Debbie), and a much better physio who tells me that my ankle, which I injured on 3rd Jan, is a bad sprain and may take another couple of months to heal. He couldn't believe I had been walking around on it and it wasn't until he relieved some of the pain that I realised just how much pain I was in! (the mind is a very powerful thing!!!). Auden has had his second week in his new preschool and loves it (thanks again Lisa). Pete's been working and catching up with Iron Maiden friends and Oscar has been getting his head around having all the toys to himself without Auden.

All first little steps into the land of 'normal', with lots of wonderful rewards - like every time Oscar does some typical toddler play thing. It has been so many months of nothing but medication and procedures for him and any little bit of freedom he gets to enjoy just being and doing is a real miracle that melts my heart with gratitude.

So, my apologies for no updates lately but I have barely had the time and absolutely no ability to string two words together. Just processing, now that we are not consumed by treatment and trauma, merely processing for the first time.

We have also been devastated by news concerning my Aunt who has been diagnosed with a very similar disease to Leukemia and we are sending all our love to her entire family, who are very dear to my heart. I will respect her privacy and not use any names but I know that the great love and connection they have as a family will shine incredible strength around her.

One day at a time....thanks for checking in on us and keeping us in your thoughts and lots of love and light to all those people out there fighting the cancer fight. Remember - when everything else falls away you realise that the only thing that matters is LOVE. x

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