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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Clinic Visit - 8th Dec 2011

We had a quick and easy visit to the hospital today - in and out within 2.5 hours and, wait for it, Oscar's bloods were almost within the target range for maintenance. Although this is only the second time in the 9 months that he has been on maintenance that he has come close to being in the target range Dr Margaret said its probably not something to worry about too much as it may be he has been fighting an infection most of that time. So, all in all, a great visit.

We have increased his antibiotics back to twice daily, every day, to manage his urinary reflux until I see the specialist in January and we find out what action plan is needed to address the fact that he still has this issue.

Auden had a lovely day at Pre school and had the added bonus of being picked up by one of his closest friends mum's and going back for a play date while Oscar slept and recovered from his big day. We are very blessed and grateful.

Thanks for checking in on us and take care of yourselves and your families at this special time of year. We are back in Clinic 22nd December (and no doubt it will be very busy) so I'll let you know how it goes.

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