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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

19th Jan 2012 Clinic Visit

We just arrived home from Oscar's visit and I have a quick minute to update you. Bloods have improved:

Hb: 12
WCC: 3.0 (target for maintenance is between 2 - 3)
Neut: 1.6
Plts: 229

Dr Margaret was happy, as always, to see us and does not want Oscar having any surgery until after he has completed chemo and recovered from it (a minimum of 2 months after completion). There is too much risk of infection and with his suppressed immune system they would only allow surgery if it was critical.

It has also been explained to me many times that it takes about 6 months for recovery from chemo - for the taste buds to return to normal, the bloods to adjust etc. So, my gut feeling is we should wait until 6 months after he finishes chemo in June this year, have a chemo-free, care-free Xmas and then do it early next year. That's the thought I will be sending out to the universe so feel free to join me. In the mean time, I need to go back to the Paediatric Urologist to tell him and get the other tests done to check how his kidneys are coping.

All in all it was a good visit. We are changing back to Wednesday visits which means Auden will be in Pre School. Dr Margaret was sad and said I absolutely have to bring Auden sometimes as she loves seeing him growing up. Bless her.

Thanks again for checking in on us and I hope you are all travelling well on your own journeys. Take care of each other - love heals - and take care of yourselves too. x

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