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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clinic Check up Feb 1st 2012

Oscar's bloods results were spot on this week (YAY):

Hb: 120
WCC: 2.8
Neut: 1.6
Plts: 190

I had a bit of a scare at clinic as Dr Mary, our head Oncologist, whom we've only ever seen when Oscar was diagnosed or in hospital in a critical condition, called me into her rooms. My heart dropped and I thought I was going to vomit but she must have noticed the look on my face and reassured me instantly that there was nothing wrong, she was just filling in for Dr Margaret, who was away. Phew. I felt a bit of a wreck after that and probably didn't ask enough questions when Mary suggested that Oscar could go ahead with his circumcision operation before finishing treatment. She said the risk of infection from the operation had to be weighed against the risk of recurring urine infections.

Oh dear, two different opinions from the two Dr's I most respect and another lot of phone calls to make to the Paediatric Urologist to put Oscar's name back on the wait list and reorder all the necessary tests. Ho hum, if only the departments talked to one another. Still, it would get it over and done with so that next year, when he is free of chemo, he is free of the hospital the majority of the time and able to just 'be'.

Whatever will be will be.

In the mean time Oscar embraced Pre School with enthusiasm - jumped in the sandpit and said "Bye Mummy" and when I arrived to pick him up three hours later the teacher said to me - he is in charge. To which I replied, "Tell me about it". Auden is having a bit more trouble settling in because he's Auden and because he has changed days and is missing his best friend and confused by having Oscar joining in with his friends. It will be an adjustment but it is a wonderful thing for them to share together.
This is the best photo I could get - they were too eager to get to Pre School to be bothered with photo's - and they both seemed to have a great day. The staff have been absolutely magic with them!

So, Oscar's journey continues and he embraces it with such clarity of purpose, enthusiasm and passion while Auden takes it all in, thinks about it all and shares his ponderings with Oscar (whose reply is mostly, "oh yeah, but....).

Life is good. May you and your loved ones have the time to share your ponderings, care for one another, laugh with enthusiasm, keep wondering about the next adventure, find passion in your purpose and most of all show each other how much love there is in your hearts. Love is all there is.

Thanks for checking in on us and take care beautiful people. x

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