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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oscar's Medical Update

Yesterday Oscar had his first appointment with the Paediatrician for his asthma. He was the most lovely, lovely man but he sent us immediately down the road for a chest xray because he wanted to make sure that there were no nodules on his lungs or that there was no evidence of cancer. He said, given Oscar's history, we should check that first. So me and the boys went for an adventurous walk down the Pacific Hwy to the Nuclear Medicine place. The boys thought it was wonderful because we had to go across the train line and they could watch trains (although they would have preferred to stay there for the rest of the day). There is no activity that cannot be transformed into magical fun when your 4 and 5 that's for sure.

The xray had to be done a few times as Oscar wasn't too keen on it at first but then he decided it was all ok and they got the picture they needed. You can't rush Oscar at these things. He has his own method of coping and the best thing you can do is respect that and wait for him to be ready. They are awsome at understanding this in the Children's Hospital but this poor technician seemed somewhat out of her depth with him. Had to laugh and roll with it.

Auden was a superstar and stayed out at reception with the absolutely wonderful receptionist. He made a card for Oscar and drew and took over the reception desk happily. Then we headed back to the Paediatrician to wait for him to read the xray. So it was a much longer afternoon than expected but we had a lot of fun along the way.

The Paediatrician said he thought there was a bit of a shadow on the lungs but that it was probably nothing to worry about and normal but that the Radiologist was going to look at it for him and he would call me if it was a problem.

Aside from that little deviation we now have an asthma plan. Two puffers and a nasal spray which should mean he starts to improve in the next month. If he has to go to hospital at any stage or has a critical episode we do have an issue about giving him any prednisolone (Redipred) because he had large doses of this during his cancer treatment and it does make the cells multiply (there is probably a much more medical way of explaining this) so we wouldn't want to give it to him without consulting our Oncologist and will probably need to find an alternative.

He's not so keen on the nasal spray and has so far had an absolute meltdown each time we use it. This morning was a spectacular display of rage with him screaming at me "leave me alone, don't touch me" and throwing things wildly. He is sick of all medical intervention and really does just want to be left alone. Plus, he is just not feeling 100%. Auden gets upset by this too, of course, and tries to cheer him up as best he can. Oscar is also on a food strike. Has been for a while now, since his symptoms got worse and he is just a bit fed up with everything. He will drink milk to the cows come home (ha ha) but that is just about it. I am trying to get an appointment with the hospital dietician to see if they have some strategy I haven't tried (we must be up to strategy 127 by now) and Redkite have given me some great books to read to him to help him cope with his emotions.

As for his Urologist, things appear to be ok in that he doesn't have a urine infection but we need to go and have a DMSA to check his kidneys are functioning and an ultrasound. So all is well, or as Oscar likes to tell everyone "My penis is better now."

That is the full medical update. If I don't hear from the Paediatrician today I can assume his chest xray is normal. I'm sure he was just being extra vigilant given Oscar's history and that all will be ok but I must say for a short moment there when we rocked up to Nuclear Medicine unexpectedly I got a bit of a fright before I reminded myself that this is a journey where you go with the flow and don't worry unless someone with a medical qualification tells you very specifically that you need to.

So we keep flowing. Tonight is Preschool Xmas Concert - can't wait. Auden has been practicing his singing day and night and is about ready to burst with excitement. Oscar has missed the rehersals but I am practicing with him and hoping he rises to the occasion and gets up there and has some fun too.

Thanks for checking in on us and love to you and all your families. x

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