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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally heading to hospital under less than ideal circumstances

We have been waiting for a bed for Oscar since Monday but the hospital is so overcrowded they have been turning many away. The scary thing is that the Dr's can't guarantee that this delay won't have a negative impact on Oscar's overall outcome. This is his life we are talking about people! The staff seem genuinely distressed and have managed now to find us a bed in Variety ward. This is where I had the bad experiences with the nurses from hell who don't know how to do chemo because they aren't oncology nurses. And we are going in to hospital specifically for chemo treatment.

I feel very nervous and would appreciate any prayers or assistance or even a visit. I am going to be there over the weekend which is even worse because there are no permanent staff or nursing unit managers to ensure your care is sufficient.

I know that the lack of beds and the state of the hospital system is in the news at the moment. From a personal perspective this journey is as hard as it gets without any additional stresses being added by the reality that your child is not getting the optimum care. There is absolutely nothing I can do about this except make good file notes, keep advocating on Oscar's behalf, staying calm and surrendering to the greater good of Oscar.

Some how, some way I am determined to turn this around for Oscar and make sure he has a good stay in there. Please send me some positive thoughts.


  1. Positive thoughts winging over. I wish I could come and visit this weekend but we've got Ivy's birthday celebrations. Hang in there - I so hope you don't get that cow of a nurse again but I know you'll manage it if you do. xx

  2. Hi guys I am in New York now and have come from Rome where I prayed for Oscar while visiting the Vatican and St Pauls Basilica. I am thinking of you all today for this difficult stay in hospital. Yes the system sucks and this really should not be the case . . I cannot believe it in a country like Australia. Kisses and hugs and I hope to get down there soon when back in the country. xxx