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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oscar seems improved today and more his usual self. The nausea has reduced significantly but the mouth ulcers are still huge and there are a lot more little one's as well. He cannot eat anything but ice, icecream, yoghurt and milk shakes with fruit in them - and he can only eat those after I have applied a topical anisthetic. Trying to get near his mouth to do this and give him his other meds is very distressing but the rest of his time today he was pretty happy. More his usual self anyway. A nurse will be visiting on Thursday to flush his central line and check his mouth. Next time I'm getting stronger pain killers for him so he doesn't have to suffer as much and so I can get a bit more sleep hopefully.

So now we just need the ulcers to clear before they give him his dose of chemo next Tuesday or else he will be in a bad way after that. At least we will be more prepared and know what to expect next time.

Each day is one day less on the schedule of treatment and we still manage to fit some fun in most days. The nurse thinks its a miracle we haven't ended up in hospital with his mouth the way it is and can't believe he's still eating - so we are doing well.

We hope you are all doing well too. x


  1. We hope that the ulcers heal quickly, I cannot imagine the effort that would go into trying to get him to eat poor little love. I hope that you are having some rest when you can. xoxo