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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fingers and toes crossed and happy birthday from Oscar and Auden

Fingers and toes crossed Oscar doesn't end up in hospital as he is suffering pretty badly with some very nasty mouth ulcers and nausea and vomiting. We are keeping his spirits up by making rocket shaped ice blocks for him to suck on and trying to keep his medication in him. What he would like to be doing today is playing with Ethan at his birthday party.

So, we would like to send out a huge happy birthday today to Nanny, who turns 60, to Ethan for his 3rd birthday party and for Auntie Lisa for yesterday. And that's just in the last two days. Its a crazy week of birthdays so we hope Oscar can recover enough to get out and party with you but, if not, we will light a candle, have some cake and sing for you anyway. Have a great day Libran people and may your wishes come true. x

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  1. snap - we had rocket ice creams at Ethan's party, so that means we were together in spirit.... Birthday cupcakes on there way for a play date with your boys soon. Thanks Cindy for thinking of us with all your own important stuff going on.