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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Anesthetic Makes Oscar Smile

Oscar's bone marrow aspiration went well today. He was first at 10am (a record for clinic) and they tried out a new anesthetic that didn't knock him out as much. It was brilliant. He woke up laughing and smiling. Can't wish for better than that!

Auden came along today and thinks hospital is the greatest place on earth. He played with the fantastic train set in the play room in Clinic and then I took him to have a milk shake and run around outside at the amazing kids playground. Then back up to clinic to watch a movie while waiting for Oscar to wake. Oscar seemed to love having him there as well.

All in all it was a great day. We start the steroid on Monday. More about that later - I am trying not to think about it until I have to. Thanks again to everyone for messaging and keeping up with us on this journey.

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  1. Finding the sunshine in the thunderstorm Cindy - good job. That;s great that Auden did well at the hospital. If only it could be set-up so happliy for the mums as well: George Clooney to hold your hand and tell you your hair looks nice, Portuguese tarts and Tim-Tams on neverending offer, Mary Poppins there to send you off for little naps while she minds the kids.

    Good luck on Monday - thinking of you. xx