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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home again with a smile on our face

We are home already from hospital after only 3 nights! Oscar's little kidneys got rid of the chemo quickly and we were very surprised to find ourselves packing up to go home today. Overall, it was a fantastic visit. We had our own room which was extremely lucky and made a huge difference to Oscar's comfort levels. I spent the first night sitting up with him on me and the next day he was fasting until 1.30pm when they took him in for his lumber puncture. That was a hard day but we are getting better and better at these challenges and finding many ways to get through them without too much distress. Trauma is getting less foreign for us and we are grateful for such a great stay in hospital.

The day before we went in the Dr explained that the bone marrow results from day 33 of treatment (the one we found out he was in remission) and the recent bone marrow of day 79 of treatment were being compared to assess Oscar's risk levels. We were told that there were three possible results:

1. Both bone marrow results showed up negative - meaning there was no leukemic cells in either bone marrow sample. This would mean Oscar would have a 80-90% chance of survival.
2. The first bone marrow showed some leukemic cells but the second showed a reduction in the amount. This would mean a 60-70% chance.
3. The first bone marrow showed some leukemic cells and the second showed an increase. This would mean the treatment is not working and result in needing a bone marrow transplant.

Yesterday our results came through and we were overwhelmed with joy that Oscar's results showed the best possible outcome - number 1 above. That is to say both bone marrow results showed negative for leukemic cells.

So - for everyone out there who has been praying/thinking/wishing for Oscar's highest good I would like to say a huge thank you. We have achieved a wonderful result and I am deeply grateful for your support - it has made a huge difference. More than the limitations of words can express.

I also want to say that I am very proud of Oscar. He has had more trauma in his small life than many people experience in a lifetime. There is so much that goes on that we don't share because it is just too hard and big to explain but no matter how hard or how big Oscar keeps smiling and taking it all in his stride. All of us have really done a great job of putting the next foot forward and sitting in trauma, looking each other in the eye and saying, "It's ok, we can do this".

The Dr's have told us that although this is the best possible news at this stage there is a long way to go and many more procedures to get through. We just need to keep doing what we're doing. So please keep reading this blog, sending me messages or thinking of us - it has helped me in ways I cannot explain.

Thank you and hooray for Oscar! Have a drink or two to celebrate!


  1. Divine news and am soo proud of all you have all sacrificied and the positivity you have mustered to get to this turning point in the process. Love Lisa and Tilda

  2. Cindy that is just great news. I have a brief experience of a child in hospital having multiple procedures (Isabelles 3 week stay as a newborn) and whilst it is far from the trauma you are experiencing,I have had a taste of the feeling of watching your child suffer and being unable to prevent it. It is undescribably difficult and painful and my thoughts are with you often as I know how lonely it can feel. You and Pete are doing a fab job at supporting Oscar thru his journey. Sending positive thoughts and prayers. x

  3. Love to hear such great news. i am constantly thinking of Oscar as I am so far away and I worry a lot about him. I think of him every night in a different country. I have prayed in every church i have been to and i am wearing a cross from St Paul's Cathedral around my neck for him.

    I am in Italy now and will be in Asissi soon which is know for the special healing rose petals of St Francis. Not leaving until I get some for your guys.

    Wendy xx

  4. Thanks again. Deep gratitude. And Wendy - watch out for those Italian men! Have a great time and see you when you get back.