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Monday, August 2, 2010

All Is Well

Oscar had a good day at hospital today. I managed to keep him distracted while waiting for his anesthetic and lumber puncture despite his hunger and he was first in at 10.00am. What a blessing! His blood results were ok - nothing unexpected.

He has a break from anesthetics next week, with his next lumbar puncture the following week. The nurse is coming out on the other days and we are not back in there until next Monday to check his blood results and make sure he is tracking along well.

I actually got to talk to our Doctor today and he explained that the next bone marrow, which is in about 30 days time, is particularly important. They define his current remission as less than 5% leukemic cells in the marrow but their microscope cannot see the specifics of how much withing that 5%. So the next bone marrow sample gets sent to the United States where they can analyse it to a much more accurate level and provide us with more information. His treatment will then be assessed based on those results.

For now, we sit with the uncertainty with grace and have faith that all is well.

Please keep sending us those positive vibes: we are focusing on Oscar staying at home and well, ensuring the chemotherapy does the job it needs to do without compromising his quality of life and keeping him happy, smiling and dancing.

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