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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Eating a cup of chocolate after Oscar's meds

Oscar after a month on steroids

We have a picnic every sunny day we can

Wrestling with brother - almost every minute

Chasing and loving the cats

In between hospital visits we try to fit in as much fun as we possibly can. I never get time to write about the fun stuff so here are some pictures instead. Oscar has lost more hair this week and is looking different still so I'll try to get some more downloaded soon.


  1. Beautiful - I love the one of Auden and Oscar rumbling in their PJ's - just what brothers should be doing! How lovely they have each other. Kisses to those precious boys. xx

  2. great to see some of the blessed moments of brother love and family time xx

  3. Look at that face! I would like to eat him on toast. I love the big smile, hanging out in his flannie in the armchair. Adorable. But are his lucky pants too small? Let me know and I'll send a size up. xx