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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesdays' Clinic Visit

Oscar's platelets have dropped lower so we could not go ahead with treatment again today. The Dr said it was nothing to be concerned about because platelets are produced by the bone marrow, platelet counts decrease during chemo treatment. A transfusion is only given when they drop below 20, Oscar's are at 23, so no transfusion yet. We go back to Clinic Friday when the Dr thinks one of three things will happen:

1. His platelets will have dropped below 20 and he will be given a transfusion and sent home to come back on Monday for treatment.
2. His platelets will have started to rise again but won't be above the 50 required to go ahead with treatment - so we will go back home and come in for treatment on Monday.
3. His platelets will have risen above 50 and all the other blood levels will be sufficient that he can have the treatment on Friday.

The Dr's bet is that it will be number 2.

I gave Oscar his last dose of chemo for this phase of treatment last night so his body will start to build back up again. Once the chemo with the 6 hour drip is complete, most likely on Monday, then he gets a break before we start the fortnightly hospital stays of 3-5 days.

Blood results were:
Haemoglobin: 96 (normal is 120-150)
White cell count: 3.1 (normal is 5 - 10)
Neutrophils: 2.1 (not neutropenic)
Platelets: 23 (normal 150-300)

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