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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Visit to Nuclear Medicine

Oscar did well today. He went to Nuclear Medicine and had a die put into his system with a nasty needle in the back of his hand and didn’t even cry. The Dr’s thought this amazing. Then, each hour, they took blood from his central line to test how his kidneys were doing at excreting the die. He slept through one of those blood tests and generally made everyone’s day easy by cruising through without complaint. I can definitely learn a thing or two from him.

We will get the results on Friday. We are also hoping on Friday that his haemoglobin has come back up and he doesn’t need a transfusion.

Thanks for your positive thoughts and keep them coming please. Oscar is a wonderful magnet for positivity. Unlike his mother, who is struggling to keep the momentum going and wishing for a shoulder to lean on, a sunlit spot to sleep away the exhaustion and a day filled with dreaming. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and Oscar seems to know the way. (OK, yes that last sentence did rhyme and I am a little delirious with overtired brain fog so I will log off now, I promise).


  1. well I loved that line, and the fact that it rhymed :) You are are doing amazing Cindy. xx

  2. I like the rhyme and to hear how you are both doing amidst the details. Ive had this test and the dye does sting - so he did really well - amazing little man that he is. Children are the very best teachers in presence and one moment at a time - oh how I wish for that little mind full of no responsibility -keep at my yoga I will!! Shoulder here any time. xx