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Sunday, August 15, 2010

What really matters

OK, enough boohooing and back to what really matters: Oscar’s medical status.

They checked his blood levels today and they are ok but he may need a blood transfusion on Wednesday. He is having another lumbar puncture on Wednesday so he will be fasting from midnight tomorrow. We are currently completing the last week in the second phase of treatment so the chemo schedule will change next week but we aren’t sure yet what the next phase will be – it will depend on his blood results. He will be due for another full day in the hospital with a 6 hour drip if his blood results are ok and then we will have to wait and see what comes next. There is a phase where he will be in hospital for 4 days every second week – and this happens over two months so that he has 4 stays of 4 days. This is the only scheduled hospital time – any other hospital stays are due to temperatures, illness etc.

Physically he is improving and starting to stand properly on his right leg now. This is great news as it means he won’t have to have the bone scan that was scheduled for this week. We are very grateful for this as the test is usually done under anesthetic but as he has had so many of them they wouldn’t let him have another – which would have meant strapping him down and letting him scream for the full 45 minutes of the procedure. Phew – so thankful not to have to go through that.

His hair is coming out now in handfuls but we are told it often grows back thicker and curly, which will make Oscar happy as he might get to have curls like his brother and basically all he wants at this point in time is to be exactly like his brother.

His weight is steady which is particularly good as many children have started to lose weight at this stage as the chemo reduces their apatite. He snacks all day and clearly isn’t that hungry but still drinks his bottle and is doing well at maintaining his weight so far.

That’s about it for now. We will update you when we know what the next phase involves.

Many thanks again for all your kind comments, encouragement and support. We are blessed to have so many people caring about us on this journey.

Here are the blood results for those who are interested:
Haemoglobin: 72 (normal 120-160) – may need transfusion Wednesday.
White Cell Count : 1.0 (normal 5 – 10)
Neutrophils: 0.3 (still neutopenic)
Platelets: 196 (within normal range of 150-300)

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