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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday 30th August Clinic

I woke up this morning and declared to anyone who would listen that it was going to be a good day. Nothing was going to stop us from having a good day. Clinic was insanely busy - some people waited 4 hours just to get a blood test. There were people having blood transfusions in the hall way. Total chaos.

We were lucky. Oscar's bloods were good enough for him to go ahead with the 6 hour treatment. There were few seats left in the treatment room so we cruised around on his IV drip stand. Children were fighting over the DVD player and ended up breaking it. I was determined to have a good day so I took control (yes, I know, I can't help being a control freak). I fixed the DVD player and told all the children they could choose one DVD each and would have to take turns waiting for their choice to be played. They had to choose G rated for the little ones. I gave them limited options but they seemed to go along with it. The nurses were way too busy to be dealing with stupid fights over the TV.

It ended up being a good day - my determination to make it so actually worked. Just goes to show the power of the mind when you can get it working for you (which can be a challenge at the best of times). I even convinced Oscar to sleep in his pram for two hours, then stole a pillow from a room down the hall and curled up on the floor for my own nap. Seriously, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Blood results:
Haemoglobin: 78 (will need a transfusion if it drops below 70)
White cell count: 1.1
Neutrophils: 0.3
Platelets: 123 (within normal range again!)

Tomorrow is the kidney function test so please send us some positive thoughts that his kidneys are up to the task of coping with all this chemo. Friday, back in to check haemoglobin levels. This is supposed to be our two weeks off and is more hectic than an average week but as long as Oscar gets better who cares?


  1. Thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. xx

  2. Go Mama! You rock Cind. All good thoughts winging their way over for tomorrow's test. xxx