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Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday 20th Sept Clinic

Thanks so much for all the positivity and prayers sent our way today. Oscar's blood results were OK to go ahead and he had the bone marrow aspiration today. This is the one they send to the U.S. but they will know enough to be able to give me an idea about results by the time we go into hospital next week and if there was anything major they would let us know pretty quickly. I have a good feeling about it and Oscar is well.

He did come out of the anisthetic distressed today as they were rushing through a lot of procedures and woke him too early. He was throwing himself around and was extremely heavy and dopey, hitting me and screaming. Nothing a bit of chocolate couldn't fix eventually though.

So, tonight I go back to giving him chemo and next Monday afternoon we go into hospital for 3-5 days for the 'Block M' treatment.

Please keep sending us those positive thoughts and prayers that Oscar's results from today are the best they can be and that his treatment in hospital runs smoothly, his kidneys do what they need to do and that it all works out to his highest good.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And if you do find some spare time and you have the inclination here are a few things that could help us over the next couple of months during hospital stays:
  • cook a meal for us
  • if you have an old toy that suits the hospital environment then maybe you could lend it to us for one of our hospital stays - it would be new to Oscar and keep him occupied
  • visit us - its very lonely and it would help me to have some distraction
  • send me a text of encouragement or just let me know you are out there thinking of me

Thanks again. Every bit of love you send us comes back to you magnified in many ways and especially by Oscar's beaming smile and my heartfelt gratitude.


  1. Hi Cind,

    I'm a bit slow getting to this - getting a new computer this week and will be back in action then. We'd love to come visit though; I'll email and we can figure something out. And we are thinking of you all the time, proud of the wonderful job you're doing and sending our most positive vibe to little Oscar. x

  2. Thanks heaps Rach, it would be great to see you. Love to you and your family too. x