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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Sept 7th Clinic Visit

Oscar had a great day in clinic today. His blood results were good and we go again Friday to have them checked. Also, his kidney function test showed he is within normal range, although on the lower end of normal range. This is good considering his kidney reflux condition.

Next Wednesday 15th Sept Oscar has the big important bone marrow biopsy. This is the one they send to the U.S. to find out what risk level he is and what treatment protocol he will continue on. Please send out the positive thoughts and prayers that he is within the standard risk. Whatever the statistic, we know he's going to be just fine.

Today Pete took Oscar to clinic and I took Auden down to Long Reef headland. Ah, it was so good to go back to a place where I feel such belonging. The ocean (which Auden calls, 'big water') was a great reminder of how small I am in the big universe and how much energy and power there is out there in the world beyond my own confused brain. Then we stopped in at Ingrid's for a visit which was pure magic. Thank you Ingrid and thanks for all the food too.

OK, big positive vibes for next Wednesday and here are the blood results from today:

Haemoglobin: 117 (Friday's blood transfusion has lifted these to within almost normal range)
White cell count: 0.9 (they were non existent last week)
Neutrophils: (still non existent but they take longer to recover)
Platelets: 236 (normal is 150-300 and they have been staying steady so far for the past week)

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  1. Great result!! Good luck next week little mate.