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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Off to hospital

OK, we are in hospital tomorrow AM to sign the papers for admission and blood tests. Then we come home and go back in for admission before 8pm. Then Oscar is fasting from midnight as he will have a lumber puncture on Tuesday morning and they also start the drip of chemo at 6am Tuesday. Fluids will continue via drip until his kidneys have recovered from the chemo - approx. 3-5 days. Then we come home and do it all again a week later and so on for the next two months.

That is always on the proviso that they have a bed available, otherwise there may be some delay. So, fingers and toes crossed we have a good experience with a nice family to share our room with and a positive and quick recovery for Oscar so he can get back to what he loves best - playing with brother.

I am taking my laptop and will attempt to update the blog from in hospital. Thanks again for all your support and if you are able to please come visit us in hospital some time. I will have my mobile.

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