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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Positive People Power Please

OK, I should have done this earlier than now but have been sick and busy and....Anyway, if you happen to read this before tomorrow, Monday 20th then please send us lots of positive prayers and thoughts that Oscar's blood results are OK to go ahead with the important bone marrow biopsy and that the results of that biopsy are for the greatest good of Oscar.

I say a rhyme in my head: "Oscar's blood is well in each and every cell" over and over and sometimes say it outloud to Oscar all the way to the hospital.

If the blood results are OK to go ahead we usually end up in theatre around 10-11am so particularly think positive thoughts around this time please.

Oscar is open to receiving all your positivity so he can move onto the next phase of treatment.

Thank you for your support and we hope you and your loved ones are well too.

Oscar and Auden painting. They both thank you for all your kind words and prayers to keep them safe and healthy so that they can have fun together.


  1. my thoughts and prayers were there - and sent messages to the girls and SE who were praying too. xx