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Monday, July 19, 2010

Doctor's Report

The Dr today confirmed that the last bone marrow biopsy showed a dramatic reduction in blasts (leukemic cells - immature blood cells which rapidly divide and crowd out the healthy cells) in Oscar's marrow. This is what they expected to see. So we are on track and heading in the right direction. The big important bone marrow biopsy will be on Monday - this is the one they are waiting on before they can give us a clearer prognosis.

So please keep the prayers and positive vibes coming our way as we get closer to Monday and the following weeks of waiting for the results.

Also, the fact that Oscar hasn't lost his hair doesn't mean the chemo is not working - about 5% of people don't loose their hair. He may still do so though.

Blood results:
Hb: 114 (almost in normal range of 120-160)
WCC: 2.0 (below normal range of 5-10, but chemo kills white cells so this is to be expected)
Neut: 0.2 (still neutropenic)
Plts: 244 (within the normal range of 150-300)

We are grateful for every kind word, prayer and thought that you have for the greater good of Oscar and his journey to health.


  1. Hip Ray! Good news, Oscar. Still sending the good vibes. Big kisses. xx

  2. Great to hear some good news, keep that little chin up Oscar!
    Lots of love,
    Mandy & Weiry