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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tuesday July 6th

Oscar's blood pressure is still up so we can't come home yet. They are increasing the dose of the blood pressure medication to see if that helps. He also had a temperature of 38 yesterday so they started him on iv antibiotics and have taken blood to culture and see if he has any infection in his system. He is still 'neutropenic' (not sure I have spelt that right but hardly matters) - which means he has no ability to fight infection so they have to treat any temperature very aggressively.

Anyway, long story short we are still living in the hospital (yesterday I accidently referred to it as "home"). We are taking shifts, swapping each night, so that one of us is always in the hospital while the other is at home with Auden. He is missing baby badly and all over the shop with his emotions (how could he be any other way?) so we are trying to minimise his trauma by always ensuring one of us is also with him.

There are many things we have absolutely no control over. All we can do is control how we respond.

I will update you when I can.

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