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Friday, July 23, 2010

Oscar has a big day coming up on Monday

Today we went to clinic for the last chemo of the induction phase of treatment. This means no more horrible needle in the muscle - Oscar says hooray! The chemo in the next phase of treatment is all given to him through his central line, which is painless and simple. Also, we are slowly phasing out the steroid which has caused him so many discomforts and his high blood pressure. So we are grateful to be moving onto the next phase of treatment.

Today the Doctor advised that the bone marrow lumber puncture on Monday is the crucial one. He expects and needs to see less than 5% blasts (leukemic cells) in the bone marrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for this result or better for Oscar. The Dr thinks he should have results as soon as Tuesday.

We will be at the hospital at 7.30am Monday and provided there are no emergencies that morning Oscar should have his anesthetic not too long after we arrive. Depending on his blood work the Dr's might also start his new chemo regime on Monday.

The next phase of therapy requires one full day in at the hospital at the beginning and the end of the month long treatment. This is because one of the drugs they are giving him requires a 6 hour drip of fluids to help his body cope. Then, the next three days of each week a nurse will come out to our home to administer the rest of the chemo treatment. The Doctor is spending more time with us on Monday or Tuesday to explain this more fully - so I'll let you know of any updates.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we will tell you as soon as we know what the outcome is. We have a good feeling its going to be good news.


  1. Wow, big day ahead. We'll keep the happy thoughts coming over here and I hope you all have some good times on the weekend- lots more of that brotherly love, Auden! Big hugs.xx

  2. I hope you all have a lovely weekend together and will continue praying and sending positive thoughts. I cannot wait to hear the good news! xoox

  3. Hugs and prayers. It sounds like the nurse coming out is a great way to administer treatment - allowing more 'normal' at home life - which can only be a good thing. Candle will be lit on monday. Love Lis and tilda

  4. We are sending mighty big thoughts, love and prayers your way. Love Nikki, Brian and Ethan.

  5. It's Tuesday and my fingers are crossed for you all. I keep thinking of you all at 7pm each day - it is like a alarm going off in my head. I think great things and strangly I look over at the TV and Home and Away is on (not that I am watching it as I am obviously too old for that now) and I think of Oscar and how much a great character he is and I see him as one of the cool teenage actors on Home and Away when he is 17. This is what I see each night and I love that he is happy andquite the Summer Bay hottie and most important healthy and doing well.