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Monday, July 12, 2010

No Biopsy Results

OK, a quick update. No biopsy results as our Dr is away this week and they were short staffed and it was all a bit of a rush and confusion in there today. I have put in a request for someone to go through them with me on Friday but it may not be until next week when our Dr returns.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers and please keep them up for us.

Oscar will have yet another biopsy next Friday so they may wait to go through everything together then.

His blood results were good today, except for his neutrophil count which fell to 0.1. Any neutrophil count below 1.0 is considred neutropenia. So he is as low as he can go before they have to put him in hospital to isolate him from infection. Blood pressure was up again and they will be concerned to check that on Friday and if its not better may need to look at another hospital stay or an adjustment of the drugs. He starts to taper off the steroid medication next Tuesday so then the blood pressure issue should resolve.

For those who are interested the rest of his blood results, here they are:
Haemoglobin: 117 (normal range is 120-160 - but don't need transfusion until it drops below 70)
White Cell Count: 1.5 (normal range 5-10 during chemo treatment this is expected to drop)
Platelets:118 (normal 150-300 but no transfusion until they drop below 20)

Thanks again and lots of love to you and all your families.


  1. Thinking of you guys every day and sending postive prayers and thoughts your way.

  2. Positive wishes from me, Keith and the small ones still winging over. Maybe the wait is good- we can stack heaps more good Oscar vibes up now. Big love for your coming week. xx

  3. Beautiful photo of the boys cuddling. I think Rach is right - more time to build up momentum on the positive Oscar vibes. Hugs and kisses to Auden too, he must be finding all this upheavel difficult as well. I smiled and cried for you at the image of you and Pete sitting down with a glass of wine after Oscar came home. So much to say to you and hope to see you soon. Nikki, Brian and Ethan send all our love. xo

  4. thinking of you often Cindy and hoping you are managing the excruciating waiting. Love and prayers to your whole family. xx