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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The hospital asks that we keep visitors to a minimum as there are numerous children on the ward fighting life threatening illnesses and most of them have no ability to fight off any germs that we may inadvertantly bring with us.
If you do visit the ward you will notice a lot of signs asking you to wash your hands with anticeptic before entering Oscar's room and upon leaving. There is a bottle of anticeptic outside each room for you to use.
The Dr's also request we keep handling of Oscar to a mimimum while ever he is neutropenic and unable to fight infections. His neutrophils are still sitting at 0.2 (well below the 1 required to fight infection).
To be perfectly honest even if you did visit us you would have trouble spending time with us this week as it has been a constant barrage of Dr conferences, nurses observations, procedures and protocols. We have barely been left alone for a minute and Oscar is very fed up with all the nurses and Dr's touching him, not to mention, inflicting pain.
So, we are sorry if you feel disappointed that you cannot spend time with him but there will be plenty of time ahead when the initial intensity of getting the disease under control is lessened.

When we come home they have asked us to set up the same situation he has in hospital. I have put some hand disintectant at the front dooor so if you do visit please wash your hands with it before entering. Also, if you feel you may be getting sick please stay away and please ring us before heading over here as there are a lot of medical things Pete and I are responsible for once he is home and we may be busy trying to get our heads around that.

The Dr's remind us that all of this is a temporary necessity at this time. It is new for us too and we thank you for respecting our new circumstances.

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