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Friday, July 9, 2010

Good News!!

We were discharged from hospital at 4pm today!! Hooray and a happy dance and oh my god what happened to our life!! Just 17 days ago I took Oscar to emergency thinking he had an ear, nose and throat infection. That was one long trip to emergency and it is only once you leave the bubble of hospital that you really start to process what has happened to your little family.

Pete and I, wine in hand, just realised that we have never had a chance to have the conversation: "Our sons got Leukeamia.". We literally have not been alone for more than two seconds and have had too many procedures, nurses, Drs and other duties rushing us through this crash course in our new reality to have had time to have any discussions about it.

So, yes, we are delighted to have him home and smiling and eating dinner with his brother. Oscar says, "My brother", over and over. Auden is overwhelmed and completely ignored Oscar like he didn't exist but that will change again with time.

Anyway, I'm going back to my wine and leaving figuring out the truck load of medications and the other realities that await us until tomorrow. Tonight is a night to celebrate!!


  1. It certainly is a night to celebrate! Enjoy your wine and your boys!

  2. Hip hooray! Congratulations on making it home, and big, big respect and admiration to you and Pete in your incredible strength, grace and positive attitude. This is Oscar's life story he's living, and he's really lucky to have you two as parents helping him navigate it. Unhappily, you guys have been thrown into every parents worst nightmare - but you've absolutely shone in your handling of it.I am SO PROUD of you! Onto the next part of the marathon... We are all here for whatever help you can think of. xxx

  3. Great great news! I read the text message last night before I got into bed and for the first night since you told me about Oscar's illness I had a good nights sleep knowing he was home where he should be.
    Love you guys and can see your smiles from here now you have your baby boy home. xxx