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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No real results yet. The Doctor's know enough to deem it suitable to go ahead with the next phase of treatment but don't know enough yet to explain Oscar's prognosis, risk category and long term effects of whatever treatment protocol will be applicable to him. Maybe tomorrow I will hear more.

We have had two very long very traumatic days in hospital. The lumber puncture and bone marrow biopsy required anesthetic again and the whole starving your child and waiting for the Doctor's to take him into surgery. Arrived at hospital 7.30am, in surgery 10.45am. One child had to be sedated as she was banging her head on the floor screaming for food. I wish they had of been kind enough to sedate the mother, and all us other mothers while they were at it! I am very grateful to Oscar for handling it so well.

He's had a new chemo today which requires a 6 hour drip of fluid to protect the kidneys from the dangerous side effects. It can cause fevers and flu like symtoms. His temperature started to rise but stopped at 37.6. If it reaches 38 tonight we will be back in hospital for a week as they cannot guarantee its a reaction to the chemo. Fingers and toes crossed.

The new phase of treatment is overwhelming and as he is still transitioning from some of the medications from the induction phase we are having to wake him at night to give him his oral chemo. This is the first chemo we have had to administer ourselves and its not the most comforting of experiences. If we are still home in the morning the nurse will be coming to visit.

Next week we are in hospital Monday for another lumber puncture and another anesthetic. Tuesday in hospital for chemo and, all going well, the nurse will be out each other day of the week.

Oscar hasn't stopped crying for the last three hours on and off and appears to be in discomfort with this new medication. I have just been patting him for the last couple hours. Pete is now having a go. We may have to just take him in to hospital. If so, we will try to update you when we can.

As always, we are grateful for all your support and while we are overwhelmed beyond imagination right in this moment of "now", I know that all these side effects, traumatic procedures and nightmarish waiting periods are just temperory. Tomorrow is another day and the next "now" is bound to be full of promise.

Thank you for taking this difficult journey with us.


  1. Sounds like a couple of seriously rough days there. Hope you manage to stay home tonight. Big love and hugs from here. Try and give a little massage to that patting arm of yours - bet it's feeling the pain too! xx

  2. Darling Cindy, I'm feeling teary... teary with the thought of the gruelling journey you are on, and teary with your grace and pragmatic attitude you are taking. You are an inspiration, a wonderful mother - the BEST mother Oscar needs.

    I was overjoyed to receive your sms today that Oscar is in remission. All our love. Nikki, Brian and Ethan.