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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday 7th

Oscar had a very hard day today. As part of the treatment protocol he is taking a steroid that makes him very very hungry. Like crazy eating all day long and waking numerous times in the night to feed as well. Because he was having another bone marrow biopsy today under anisthetic we had to cut off food from 2am. This resulted in a very cranky, crazy, angry Oscar. He was screeming at me for food and wondering why I wouldn't give it to him. At one stage he was so beside himself he crashed his head badly on the sides of the cot. It was absolute torture as a mum not to be able to give him food when he was screaming for it.
Eventually, at about 11.30am they took us to the clinic for the biopsy (seriously, the longest wait of my life). The Dr was about to start the anisthetic when she came running in saying stop everything, he hasn't got enough platelets. The nurse who had sent us to the clinic had failed to notice his platelets had fallen below 50 and for the purposes of an operation like a bone marrow biopsy it needs to be above 50 to prevent bleeding out.
So we were wheeled out and Oscar was put on another drip of platelets for a half hour or so before finally being wheeled back in, put under, and then they did the bone marrow biopsy, changed his central line dressing, gave him a shot of chemo with a needle into the muscles in his bottom and I think they also took some spinal fluid to make sure there are no blasts there.
I waited for him in recovery, then we hightailed it back to the ward and started eating eating eating. He was beside himself with joy once the food started coming his way.
The Dr who did the biopsy did sneek out and tell me the bone marrow was clear but I will wait to fill you in on the full outcome when all three Dr's give us the results in the next couple days.
Keep thinking positive thoughts. We are. xx


  1. Positive thoughts in bucket loads Cindy xoxo I cannot imagine the anguish you are experiencing, and the exhaustion. Prayers souring your way.

  2. Ah god, on top of everything, having to cope with him begging you for food that you can't give him. How to break a mama's heart, #212. Big love to you all, and thinking my best happy thoughts for little Oscar. xxRach

  3. Dear Cindy,
    We are so sorry to hear that little Oscar is having to go through so much.Please know that our prayers are with you all as you endure this big , big trial.Thankyou for taking out the time to keep us all up to date.Lots of love,Peter,Helen,Lachlan and Chloexxxxxx.

  4. Loads of positive thoughts coming from here Cindy. Such a tough tough time. Praying for good results. Sam Doorey (Mogan)xx